Darryl Brown Interview

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Dr. Darryl Brown, distinguished practitioner of internal medicine and dermatology and graduate of the Joe Zawinul school of bad ass drummers!  For a brief, shining moment – July through December, ’74 – Darryl held down the drum seat on the “Magical Mysterious Traveler Tour.”  During his first ever interview about his time in Weather Report, he ran the voodoo down for us.

Ishmael Wilburn Interview

“Call him Ishmael!” Drummer Ishmael Wilburn flew in from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, to recount his brief but indisputable contribution to Weather Report.  The rhythmic force behind Mysterious Traveller – “Nubian Sundance,” Yeah – shared his life changing experience with the band on stage and in the studio.


Howard Burke Interview

By the early 80’s Weather Report had grown into a full-blown performance experience.  Their sound and lighting was equal to their rock star counterparts, and it was up to Howard Burke to keep the enterprise moving with steadfast precision – blown fuses be damned. From 1981 until their demise, Burke was their production manager and in this interview, he offers a first mate’s view of life on the road, the man responsible for navigating through the “Heavy Weather.”


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Bobby Thomas Jr. Interview

Be bop percussionist Bobby Thomas, Jr. just blew through town to lay down some “fascinating rhythms” for the WR documentary.  Bobby, a native of Miami, shared his insights into the band’s unique dynamics, both in terms of the music and their very mercurial personalities. Bobby was brought into the band through Jaco and is featured during the volcanic Night Passage period, and his reflections about the great bass master were inspiring and heartbreaking in equal measure.

Clive Davis Interview

Clive Davis, record industry icon, member of the “Rock and Roll hall of Fame,” the man with the “Platinum Ears,” carved out two hours of his valuable time to sit and talk about Weather Report. For those who don’t know, Davis signed them to Colombia, along with a murderers’ row Jazz-Rock stalwarts: The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Herbie Hancock and the Head Hunters, Dreams (with the Brecker Bros.), the Flock (ft. Mahavishnu’s Jerry Goodman), as well as cross-over artists with jazz pedigrees, Blood Sweat & Tears and Chicago. It was a Golden Age, those early 70’s, and Clive tells all – coaxing Miles to play the Filmore, inviting Joe, Wayne and Miroslav in to his office to discuss the care and feeding of this extraordinary new band called Weather Report. Those were the days!




Jim Swanson Interview

Jim Swanson, Joe Zawinul’s keyboard tech came in and shared his technical expertise and personal recollections about his time with weather report. Jim came on board when Omar and Victor joined the band in 1982 and stayed with them through their last gig at Humphrey’s in San Diego, CA. “Gearheads” will enjoy his breakdown of Joe’s rig and the discussion of all the customized hardware that made Joe’s sounds so unique. And you’ll dig his memory of Wayne coming off the stage after a particularly mind blowing solo, turning to Jim, and saying: “Dig That Charlie Parker Shit!”

Victor Bailey Interview

Saturday afternoon, before his show at the Catalina Bar & Grill in Los Angeles. Victor Bailey sat down to speak to us of when he was a member of Weather Report.