Behind The Scenes Footage with Hadrien Feraud & Ken Kubernik

As we wrapped up our day doing test shoots with members from the Zawinul Legacy Band, we were able to catch a little conversation between bassist Hadrien Feraud and writer Ken Kubernik.  Watch and hear what they had to say about Weather Report.


Calm Before The Storm Now Titled ‘This Is This’

When we first started this documentary project for Weather Report, we wanted to title it ‘Calm Before The Storm’, we felt it was a fitting title for the movie,  but after some consideration we have decided to change the title of the film to ‘This Is This: The Incredible Jazz Journey of Weather Report.’

You can read more about the film by visiting: THE FILM page




Mike Baker Shares His Story About Joe & Weather Report

Mike Baker, drummer for the Zawinul Legacy Band, sat down with us and told us when he first met with Joe, and the impact that it made on him as a drummer.

Hadrien Feraud Interview

Hadrien Feraud, bassist for the Zawinul Legacy Band joined us today to share his story about how Weather Report influenced his music career.



Katisse Buckingham Interview

Zawinul Legacy Band member Katisse Buckingham joins us and shares his stories about Weather Report, Joe Zawinul, and Wayne Shorter, and how they impacted his career with Jazz.