Victor Bailey Interview

Saturday afternoon, before his show at the Catalina Bar & Grill in Los Angeles. Victor Bailey sat down to speak to us of when he was a member of Weather Report.


Bobby Colomby Interview

Bobby Colomby, one of the original members of Blood, Sweat, and Tears carved some time out of his busy day to sit down with us an talk about Weather Report.   Bobby shared his stories about hearing Weather Report for the first time, and what he thought the bands affect would be on the world of not only Jazz, but music as a whole.  Bobby also shared his stories about working and producing Jaco Pastorius first solo album, before Jaco had joined Weather Report.


Alphonse Mouzon Interview

Jazz drummer Alphonse Mouzon who played on Weather Reports debut album, came by today to talk about his time with Weather Report.  Alphonse spoke about meeting Joe and Wayne, and what went through his mind the day he received the call about joining Weather Report.


Alphonse Mouzon



Arturo Sandoval Interview

Yesterday we had the chance to interview Cuban Jazz Trumpeter, Pianist and Composer Arturo Sandoval. Arturo spoke about the time in 1979 when Weather Report was a part of the 3 day HAVANA-JAM festival, and the impact Weather Report had on the people in attendance. Arturo talked about how he felt when the curtains first opened to see Weather Report playing Birdland.


Brian Auger Interview – Behind The Scenes

Brian Auger, founder of Oblivion Express came down today to talk about Weather Report.  Brian Auger spoke with us about how Weather Report influenced his music, and his band.  He also touched on how great it was to be playing along side Weather Report.

Take a peek at some of the photos from today’s interview.


Interviewing Brian Auger on Monday September 8th.

We have another interview lined up for you.  This time we are interviewing Brian Auger.  Jazz and Rock keyboardist who formed the band Oblivion Express.  We’ll be posting some behind the scene photos from Brian’s interview.