Emails for Indiegogo Perks are ready for delivery!

Hi Contributors,

First, let me provide a heartfelt apology that it’s taken such a long journey to complete the production of the rewards.  We’re not happy with the delays either!  With that said. Contributors will be receiving an email with instructions on how to claim your perks. Emails will be going out in a timely manner, so if you don’t receive yours right away, please be patient because it will come.  Also check your spam folder just in case it made it’s way in their.

Also, my team put our minds together to try and come up with a way to show our deep appreciation for your support and patience and came up with a very rare set of recordings for you.

We took a very rare Weather Report Laquer Mastering reference discs and digitized them in to High Quality AIFF audio files for your audiophile enjoyment.  This is a 9 song collection that includes some of Weather Reports greatest hits, such as: Birdland, Between The Thighs, Blackmarket and Man In The Green Shirt. These discs get pressed from the masters before manufacturing and the resulting audio quality is the best ever available for ANY Weather Report track to fans. Of course, there’s a few crackles from the Vinyl but we didn’t want to TOUCH these with any post processing or cleaning.

From here on out.  I will be personally getting involved in seeing that these perks get packaged and delivered to everyone that contributed.

For those that missed the indiegogo campaign, or wanted to get another set of perks.  We will have some extra inventory for you to purchase.

Once again.  I would like to apologize to each and every contributor that these perks have taken so long to get to you, and I thank everyone for their continued support in Weather Report.

Thank You
Tony Zawinul