We Need Your Help!

Weather Report is about more than music; it is about the way you conduct your life, it’s about the fine art of listening and sharing. So, as we begin production of the documentary we want to bring you, our most appreciative and generous fans, with us to share the journey.


If you have any Weather Report memorabilia that you’ve collected through the years, we want to include it in our film and the accompanying book.


We are looking for anything that you have that documents your love for Weather Report. Whether it’s a picture you took while the band was on stage, a ticket stub from one of their many concerts, or even a signed poster from one of their tours. Anything you have that you want to share – maybe even a personal anecdote – please send it to us.


We’ll need you to do the following things;

–       Scan or provide a picture of your memorabilia, in the highest quality possible. 600dpi is the minimum quality resolution we will need.

–       Email us your picture or scan to info@thisisthisfilm.com, include your full name, and information on your memorabilia. i.e. dates, location, etc. The more information, the better.


If we decide on using your stuff, you will receive full credit for your material.